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Meet Christina

In 2020 my flying career was put on hold due to the global pandemic. With only a Chromebook in hand and a creative mindset, I single-handedly crafted a fully functioning copywriting business bringing creativity back to the Amazon space.

I’ve successfully helped Amazon sellers launch products and brands and I’ve created high-level content for software companies looking to gain authority, credibility, and trust in the space. 

It’s my belief that Amazon sellers are too focused on product-centric features and benefits and become lost in the shuffle of unclear and confusing copy.

Copywriting shouldn’t be mundane, it shouldn’t be founded on old-school principles that are out to date and irrelevant. With that in mind, I’m here as the creative force behind your offer, driving conversions and making a lasting impact with words with lasting impressions. 

I am a fresh new take to the Amazon scene, and I am what your brand needs to compel its audience to action. - Wise Words Sell.


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